About Chanchos Tacos

Where did this delicious Food Truck cuisine come from?

Chancho's Tacos strives to be the Best Authentic Mexican Food Trucks in Los Angeles. Unlike your typical, Authentic Mexican Food Truck, we offers a few American influenced dishes. Our chef prepares mouth-watering cuisines made with love and passion. A few of our meat choices include: Beef Barbacoa (tender slow-cooked beef in our flavorful sauce with pineapple), Carne Asada (grilled steak freshly marinated in lime juice and salt), Al Pastor (pork marinated overnight, grilled with pineapples and red onions), Carnitas (succulent pork seasoned and deep fried), Grilled Chicken (juicy chicken marinated and grilled) and Shrimp (marinated and grilled). All of our marinades, and Salsas are made from scratch. We believe that flavor is everything, which is why we only use the freshest ingredients!

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